Couples Therapy

path In general, I meet with couples who express a variety of concerns such as: communication difficulties, intimacy concerns, cultural differences, family distress, health complications, grief, loss, addictions, crisis, life changes, transitions, time management, professional conflicts and other relationship challenges.

If you are considering starting couples therapy, I would be glad to talk with you and help you think about your next steps. I offer brief couples therapy consultation as well as regular therapy appointments for couples. Often times with any couple, we will meet more frequently in the beginning to address critical issues and concerns and then continue that setup until new relational patterns become a more natural and regular part of your life. As new patterns become more natural in your relationship, we generally decrease the frequency of meetings, and then I am ideally just available to you for follow-up check-ins that are scheduled as needed. However, each couples’ needs vary, and I will collaborate with you to develop a plan that feels right for all. Regular couples therapy appointments are generally 45-75 minutes in length, with the initial appointment often slightly longer.

Before setting up an initial appointment, I would hope to speak with you by phone for a brief free 15-20 minute consultation to get a sense of your particular concerns and to answer any general questions you may have. You can find out more about my therapeutic approach here, and get answers to questions about fees and insurance here.  Appointments are available Monday-Thursday from 8am-6pm.

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